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School Show - Washingtonville, NY

When children are laughing, they are learning.  Laughter is fundamental in the learning process.  When education becomes just dry facts on a page, it can cause people to tune out & not absorb the material they are being asked to learn.  Laughing lightens the mood & takes the edge off, reducing anxiety about the subject matter & helping the mind to focus.  When the perfect balance of subject matter & humor is struck, edutainment is born. 

It can be defined as, β€œThe act of learning through a medium that both educates and entertains.”  Edutainment makes the learning process more enjoyable & engaging which is key to effective learning.

This is what Shakespeare Approves! brings to your school or camp.

Shakespeare Approves! takes classic plays, boils them down to 25-minutes, and then throws in absurd, screwball comedy to make you forget about the sometimes-intimidating Elizabethan English.  Take Prospero & Caliban, throw them together with Gilligan & the Skipper, and you get The Tempest: A 3-Hour Tour.  Or one of the darkest, most villainous murderers in a show with adorable household pets & you have Macbeth: Death by Fluffy Kittens.  Those are just two examples of what you will see with Shakespeare Approves!

Email for more information on bringing Shakespeare to your school!