Episode One - The Pilot

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Welcome to Talking Trek!

Here’s what happened in Episode One!


·      Wrath of Khan is the best Star Trek film – if you disagree, we will fight you!

·      Starfleet REALLY likes branding

·      Is the Voyager a spoon?

·      We LIKE Star Wars. We do! Honest.

·      SPOILERS!!  Black Panther Spoilers at 41:41

·      Let’s talk about The Orville!

·      Dan gives Brian the Reader’s Digest version of A Wrinkle in Time

·      Are you watching Trek Yards on YouTube? Brian thinks you should!

·      Are you watching screaming goat videos? Dan thinks you should!

Your homework:

Next time we’ll be talking about the TOS episodes “Day of the Dove” (Dan’s favorite episode) and “Spectre of the Gun” (Brian’s fave) – go watch these two classic episodes and share your thoughts with us!

Live long and prosper.

We are Starfleet.

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