Episode 007 - The Jackdaws: OMG! This is Happening!

This episode was recorded during the run of the 2018 Louisiana Renaissance Festival (thank you to both the management of LARF for hosting both the Jackdaws and your friendly, neighborhood Shakespeare, and also to the amazing band Haggis Rampant for giving over your dining room for the recording of this episode).

In this episode:

We start the Renaissance Food Podcast!

Was Yogi Bear an agent of the Deep State?

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“Shakespeare Approves of This Theme Song!” by The Jackdaws

Episode 006 - Chaste Treasure is Slippery When Wit!

After taking 8 months off from podcasting, your friendly, Neighbourhood Shakespeare is back with a conversation with the Ladies Morgan, Catalina and Evangeline of Chaste Treasure!

Chaste Treasure's trio of upperclass ladies bring a unique, soulful sound to sassy songs and modern parodies alike. Truly a "treasure" but questionably "chaste" their audience interaction is comical while their tight harmonies mean business.  From frolicking drinking songs to sea shanties and original folk tunes, Chaste Treasure has something for every music lover.

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“Shakespeare Approves of This Theme Song!” by The Jackdaws

Episode 005 - The Gingerosity of Daniel GreenWolf

Daniel GreenWolf - celtic magician, host of The Gingerosity podcast, and renaissance faire raconteur - joins your friendly, neighbourhood Shakespeare for a conversation that goes all over the place. Judgements are made, favorite POTUS is picked (spoiler: let Bartlett be Bartlett) and general frivolity is had.

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Episode 004 - The St. Valentine's Day Show

Your friendly, neighbourhood Shakespeare celebrates love!

Sonnets! Music ("if music be the food of love, play on!") and a Top Ten List!

Special appearance by The Creepy Bard

Audio clips used with permission

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Episode 003 - A Star Trek with Brian Harvard

This week your friendly, neighbourhood Shakespeare boldly goes where no one hath gone before: into a conversation about Star Trek and Star Trek Discovery with Brian Harvard, managing producer of the Connecticut Renaissance Faire!

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I love you, you love me, there is mutual, glorious affection!

Episode 002 - Shakespeare's Interview with Christine McKinley

Christine McKinley - mechanical engineer, author of "Physics for Rock Stars", star of "Brad Meltzer's Decoded" - sits down with your friendly, neighbourhood Shakespeare to talk about "Jane Eyre" being a work of feminism, the movie "The Invention of Lying," how necessity really is the mother of invention, and why she is not Neil deGrasse Tyson.

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Episode I - The Phantom Shakespeare!

Welcome to the first ever episode of Shakespeare Approves! The Podcast! Pretty much an audio version of your friendly, neighbourhood Shakespeare hosting a pub sing at a Renaissance Faire near you (and featuring him!), future episodes will have guests, sketches and silly shenanigans.  But for the first episode, sit back and enjoy as your local Bard tells some tales and sings some silly songs (with friends!).

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