Episode 5 - Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers! (It's Been A While)

The boys are back and are SPOILER-filled with a review and break-down of "Guardians of the Galaxy" (Stan Lee MAY be a god), wax poetic about Seth MacFarlane and his "Star Trek" homage/spoof "The Orville", yell at the Internet for being sexist and racist against the new "Star Trek Discovery" trailer, and then take that same trailer to task for the weird look of the Klingons.  By the great hammer Mjölnir, the new Thor looks amazing & Joss Whedon is no longer looking for work - good for him!

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Also: Mike was really close with his Penguins score prediction (3-1) - they ended up beating the Senators 3-2.  The Pittsburgh Penguins are going to compete for Lord Stanley's Cup against the Nashville Predators.  Now you know.

Sylvester Stallone does not make an appearance in this episode, but Godwin's Law DOES get invoked!

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