Episode 4 - The Roifield Brown Interview

Special guest & podcasting raconteur Roifield Brown (@Roifield on Twitter, host of “Mid-Atlantic,” “Friday 15,” “How Jamaica Conquered the World,” and producer of “10 American Presidents”) sits down over Skype with your host who is not Mike and gives us a history lesson on how Jamaica invented hip-hop, why American history is pretty fascinating stuff, and even go into some campaign finance reform talk, how it’s done in both the U.S. and U.K. – who’d have known that we’d get quasi-political?!

And of COURSE they go nerdy! Abso-bloody-lutely!

Let’s talk about the Marvel shows on Netflix! And super-hero movies – they’re a great way of telling a human tale (some “Logan” spoilers happen!)

Star Trek vs. Star Wars!  Roifield agrees with Dan (let the Internet fights begin!)

And world peace may have been realised (we spelled that with the British spelling, just for Roifield).