Episode 6 - Noelle Hannibal: Vulcan or Force-User?

This episode was recorded in April, 2017, at the We Need A Hero Con, a comic con that benefited the Utica Children's Museum.
Noelle Hannibal (actress! Star Trek: First Contact) may have been in Star Trek, but she's a Star Wars fan at heart!  She and the host who isn't Mike talk about not being a hater & hiding behind your computer screen, wonder how meme-posters become verified Twitter users, and if you can make rock-hard food in a microwave (spoiler alert: yep).  Also, Monday night or Wednesday night: when is the best time to get a movie theater to yourself?

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Episode 5 - Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers! (It's Been A While)

The boys are back and are SPOILER-filled with a review and break-down of "Guardians of the Galaxy" (Stan Lee MAY be a god), wax poetic about Seth MacFarlane and his "Star Trek" homage/spoof "The Orville", yell at the Internet for being sexist and racist against the new "Star Trek Discovery" trailer, and then take that same trailer to task for the weird look of the Klingons.  By the great hammer Mjölnir, the new Thor looks amazing & Joss Whedon is no longer looking for work - good for him!

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Also: Mike was really close with his Penguins score prediction (3-1) - they ended up beating the Senators 3-2.  The Pittsburgh Penguins are going to compete for Lord Stanley's Cup against the Nashville Predators.  Now you know.

Sylvester Stallone does not make an appearance in this episode, but Godwin's Law DOES get invoked!

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Episode 4 - The Roifield Brown Interview

Special guest & podcasting raconteur Roifield Brown (@Roifield on Twitter, host of “Mid-Atlantic,” “Friday 15,” “How Jamaica Conquered the World,” and producer of “10 American Presidents”) sits down over Skype with your host who is not Mike and gives us a history lesson on how Jamaica invented hip-hop, why American history is pretty fascinating stuff, and even go into some campaign finance reform talk, how it’s done in both the U.S. and U.K. – who’d have known that we’d get quasi-political?!

And of COURSE they go nerdy! Abso-bloody-lutely!

Let’s talk about the Marvel shows on Netflix! And super-hero movies – they’re a great way of telling a human tale (some “Logan” spoilers happen!)

Star Trek vs. Star Wars!  Roifield agrees with Dan (let the Internet fights begin!)

And world peace may have been realised (we spelled that with the British spelling, just for Roifield).

Episode 3 - Egg Salad

Guardians has been watched!

The guys get texts during the show!

Rogue One had a potential alternate ending – spoilers!!

Stuff that should have been cut from the episode was left in!

How to do – or not do – sequels and series for movies.

How will the Infinity War lead-up work out?

Mike explains to Dan how the Marvel Cinematic phases work.

And Godwin's Law probably gets invoked ...


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Episode 2 - RDJ & Aunt Mae

Mike & Dan talk about Netflix's "Daredevil," and also go down random rabbit holes throughout other parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  This episode brought to you by the letter A and the number 42.  Please support our sponsors.

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