Everything's Coming Up Shakespeare!

Sometimes you just have to steal a line from the best (in this case, Milhouse vanHouten on "The Simpsons").

Yours truly, your friendly, neighbourhood Shakespeare, will be appearing at the New York Renaissance Faire for the entire run!  This is, heretofore, the biggest step that I've made as an independent performer working my way into the ren faire circuit, and - once all is said and done - I'll have done 18 weekends of performing as Shakespeare, The Bard of Avon in 2015 - by far the most I've done in any given year!  I can only thank you, the people who have become my fans, my friends, my family for getting me this far.  It really does feel like I am the 10-year overnight success!

What can you expect to see from me at NYRF?  A minimum of five separate shows (in six-to-eight time slots) per weekend: 

  • Romeo & Juliet: The Flying Implement of Doom Edition
  • 12th Night (And the 3 Bears)
  • Macbeth: Death By Fluffy Kittens 
  • The Tempest: A 3-Hour Tour (A 3-Hour Tour)
  • Julius Caesar: Beware the Ides of March of the Penguins

And maybe even more!  For giggles, I could break out Merry Christmas, Hamlet Brown/A Very Hamlet Christmas (I've ne'er decided which title I like more), and I'm bouncing around ideas for a BRAND NEW SHOW to debut this fall, at either NYRF or up in Connecticut - that's right: I have been invited to come back to the Connecticut Renaissance Faire this fall (more on that in a minute).  The new show for the fall may be one of two separate ideas: Henry V or A Midsummer Night's Dream - and if I do Midsummer, it could be my very first "grown-up show," that is to say, performed at the pub.  Who knows?  Not me!

Back on the CTRF: over the last two seasons they have gone above and beyond in making me feel like family.  I performed on the first weekend of their 2013 season as a try-out, & they then invited me to come back for the rest of the season.  At the 2014 faire, I felt even more like part of the family, making the boy band Wrong Direction with the Lord Mayor (Rich Rininsland) and the Lords of Adventure, being the house band for the Lord Mayor's Talk Show, and just their general awesomeness of street interaction, fantastic vendors, and a sense of family amongst all: the cast, the vendors, the other independent acts, and the staff that keep the trains running.  I'm so very blessed and excited to be returning to them this October, as well as the opportunity of joining the ranks of NYRF this August.

Everything's coming up Shakespeare!