'Tis That Time Again!

So as we say in ye olde Renaissance, I SUCK at keeping up a blog!  For that matter, I also suck at keeping up a diary or journal, so I am, at the very least, consistent.  And consistency is what matters, in both writing and pudding.

The first Renaissance event of my year, the Smithville Renaissance Faire, done with the cast of the NJ Ren Faire, was at the beginning of May, and proved to be a huge success.  I introduced my newest play, Julius Caesar: Beware the Ides of March of the Penguins, and it went over really well!  It's actually the first of my stories that I've written down before-hand in nearly a decade - the only other being Romeo & Juliet: The Flying Implement of Doom Edition.  I'm not counting scripts that I've written for other people, or to be performed WITH other people (I'm looking at you, Bill!), just stuff for myself.  I normally just wing it, but it left a bad taste in my mouth last year.  So now I'm trying to write it out first.  Once that's done, then I'll wing my way through it!

This weekend (May 16-17, 2015) is the Mayfaire on the Green in Holland Patent, NY, where I'll take Caesar for another test spin before the real test starts next week: three weekends of the New Jersey Renaissance Faire!  

Yes, you read that correctly: the NJRF has expanded to 3 weekends for it's 6th season.  Let's hope that we're able to pull in the numbers to justify that!  Oh, it will be so lovely for that faire to continue growing!  If you've never been, you should go.  Seriously.  Like, right now, just drop what you're doing & drive down to Bordentown, NJ, and go to the Faire.  I don't care if it's not open at the moment: it will be soon!  And you'll be there at the gate.  Sure, you'll have had to leave your job, & your family (unless you brought them), but you'll find a better job - or create one yourself!  That's what I'm working on!  Making my own future, through creativity, through tenacity, and through you, gentle reader.

You give me such hope that I'm not just an insane dog barking up the wrong tree.  You make me feel like I belong in this creative field for keeps.  And for that, all I can do is say "thank you" and to promise you more and better entertainment each year.

To that end, for the last two years I've been coming out with a new show per year: 2013 saw the introduction of Macbeth: Death by Fluffy Kittens; 2014 gave us The Tempest: A 3-Hour Tour (A 3-Hour Tour); and now, for 2015, Julius Caesar: Beware the Ides of March of the Penguins.  I'm hoping that all of you will like it ... nay, love it!  Because that will give rise to the next one: Shakespeare's Name That Movie Reference!

But you make it all possible.  Thanks.  See you on the green!