Jambalaya, Yankees, and Buttons

There are certain things that I am naturally good at: tying a bow tie is one.  Snapping my fingers is another.  Whistling the theme to The Andy Griffith Show is a third.  I am sure that there are other activities at which I am equally or, at the very least, passably proficient - keeping up with a blog is not one of them.  Keeping up with a blog is hard work, people!  Sure, it's not getting grime on my hands, or digging a ditch, or building a house, or teaching a child the joys of reading, or changing the oil in a car, or ... oh, you get the idea.  But it IS hard to keep up with!

So much has happened since the last time I posted on here.  I did all nine weeks of the New York Renaissance Faire, and that last show - wow!  What can I say about it that doesn't sound trite?  I am just filled with gratitude that people, maybe you, gentle reader, care enough to go to a live show at an outdoor festival and applaud for entertainers.  You are the ones that allow me to keep doing what I am fortunate enough to be able to do: get up on a stage, wear velvet & corduroy, and sing silly songs and tell outrageous stories while using an English accent and throwing cats at people - it's every boy's dream going back to his earliest days!  Right?  Okay ... I may be alone on the throwing cats at people part, but still.  So many people dream of what they want to do - YOU allow me to live the dream!  Thank you for that.

As I write this I am two weekends into the run of the Connecticut Renaissance Faire at their new location in North Haven, CT (the same locale as their springtime Robin Hood faire, if you ever go to that!), and it's just heaven!  Again, it's folks like you appreciating artisan crafts, pausing to watch a show, and just allowing us crazy, gypsy folk to make our living in the best way that we know how.  I know that I am saying all of this INCREDIBLY inartfully, but please bear with me - I am almost at the end of this piece.

Right after I get done writing this blog post, I'll get on the couch with my amazing wife, put on something on Netflix (maybe the series of Wet, Hot American Summer) and get to making buttons for the coming two weekends of the CTRF.  And then I'll book my flight.  To Louisiana.  Because I'll be performing at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival!  The producers have invited me to perform for the opening weekend, and I am MORE than excited!  It's taking my brand of Shakespeare into a different climate: bayou!  

Yes I know that a bayou does not have its own climate.  


And one more announcement: the name of the act is OFFICIALLY changing to Shakespeare Approves!  It's been a long, drawn-out process that has involved yelling, tears, wavering back and forth, flip-flopping on the issues, and years of therapy (all over the last week - all by myself - all in my own head).  But as the website is ShakespeareApproves.com, and the Twitter and InstaGram handles are @ShakesApproves, and my buttons and keychain tags say "Shakespeare Approves!" it's only natural at this point to change the name of the act to something recognizable as ME, no matter where I go, and something that doesn't sound dull, off-putting or unapproachable to the Renaissance Faire and Shakespeare newbie (or "neophyte" to the English majors in the audience).  I hope that you approve of the name change, and I would love to hear your thoughts on it!  As for me, I like it ... it's settling quite nicely into my mind and on my tongue, and it's bringing me some peace to have settled it, and peace brings more than a bit of joy.

I invite you to share in my joy, and I PROMISE to post more often.  Thank you for reading, and I hope that at some point today, you can find your bliss.