Pre-New York Renaissance Faire

As I write this, I am sitting & wondering how the next two days are going to play out.  This is now the 10th year that I have played this character of William Shakespeare, and the 9th year that I've done a one-man show for him.  I've played this character at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, the Virginia Renaissance Faire, the Hudson Valley Mayfaire, Mayfaire on the Green, Rogues' Renaissance Revenge, the Adirondack Renaissance Festival, the New Jersey Renaissance Faire, the Rome Renaissance Revels, the New Hope Renaissance Faire, Smithville Renaissance Festival, W. Windsor Renaissance Faire, the Connecticut Renaissance Faire, First Nights in Oneonta, NY, and Scranton, PA, birthday parties & corporate events, library shows, school shows and more.  And yet ...

This is by far the BIGGEST Ren Faire that I've done in quite a few years.  It COULD be a career--making or -breaking weekend.  If it goes well, it's conceivable I could be invited back for a longer run next year, or even asked to do the Bristol or California faires.  If it doesn't ... well, it's best to not dwell on that. 

All I can do is to trust myself that I know what I am doing, that I am a professional, and that this is something that I have been working towards.

Godspeed, Master Shakespeare.  I wish you (me!) well this weekend.  Break a leg.