Welcome to the NEW ShakespeareApproves.com!

This used to be WillShakespeare.Net, and then it was pointed out to me that I always & forever - on Facebook posts, commenting on others' pages, in life - shout out, "Shakespeare approves!". And so about a year and a half to two years ago I introduced buttons, because people wanted to be "Shakespeare Approved," for their selves and their booths at renaissance faires.  The buttons, starting out as a sticker on a plain wooden nickel, are now laser-engraved.  Pretty classy, if I say so myself.

Then came the Twitter account.  I went through about a handle per week for the first three months, and then my wife (who is much smarter than yours truly) suggested getting as close to "Shakespeare Approves" as possible.  So now @ShakesApproves is a thing.

And this brings us to the web site.  700 official "likes" on Facebook - which, for an entertainer who heretofore has been doing this Quixotic activity on a strictly part time basis is no mean feat - four separate T-shirt designs (three designed by the AMAZING Todd Brugmans), and performing as Shakespeare for nearly half of the weekends of the year ... because of all of you.  Thank you.  And so, Shakespeare Approves!